Thursday, April 22, 2010

yeasayer meandered a sold out wonder crowd

Indie rock bands rise and fall based on capricious blogosphere-buzz, and many internet-hyped acts roll through Portland with mediocre performances. With too many hip 20-somethings playing their instruments so nicely, too many gigs are yawn fests because bands play songs with verbatim meticulousness–working their way though their poppy album tracks as if they just pressed play on their preprogrammed setlist. Why shell out the dough when you can hear the same thing that you already leeched from your favorite blog?

Yet, pulling from their two bombastic releases, the electro-experimental Yeasayer rocked an improvised and imaginative set on Monday night at the Wonder Ballroom in front of a sold-out crowd.

Sounding tight and rehearsed, Yeasayer meandered through fresh and different mixes adding small twists to the sounds fans love–faster and louder here, softer and slower there while Yeasayer’s trio of vocalists harmonized, traded, and shared vocals over the pounding array of rhythm makers, tambourines, shakers, and electronic beat claps.

From haunting beginnings with slo-mo, robo-vox to ’80s-inspired funky synth jams, percussion drove the show with constant sticks clacking to puffed out falsetto exhalations.

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