Monday, April 26, 2010

buddy guy beams

“Lookey here,” said a 73-year-old Buddy Guy donned in a black fedora and glistening red silk shirt on Friday night at the Roseland. “Nobody Understands Me But My Guitar.”

Charming and chastising the audience, Buddy Guy did more with one hand on the frets than Vishnu, proving his guitar-god status.

Already a man of legendary stature–a five-time Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer–the man is a pure entertainer, not just for his instrumental accomplishments but for his banter and dramatic to comedic crowd control, skills he’s honed since his days on the Chitlin’ Circuit.

Using that extra hand to pat his stomach, Guy pulled out the guitar gimmickry but with out pedals or effects–just showmanship.

His guitar screamed and weeped as he ran it across his chest, scribbled the strings with drumstick, stretched and switched hands on the neck, or casually propped his elbow up on an amp pairing impressive fretwork with farcical novelty.

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