Saturday, April 10, 2010

q/a : mayer mawthorne learns how to sing new soul

Andrew Mayer Cohen grew up on Hawthorne Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan, just outside of The D. Listening to “the best music ever made” while riding around in his pop’s car, Motown soul and Detroit jazz became the samples for his favorite hip-hop tracks.

A singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, disc jockey, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist and more, Mayer Hawthorne is “just trying to make music that’s timeless.” Lately, that’s been a fortunate calamity of ’60s Motown-style soul, an act that’s touring around the States as Mayer Hawthorne and The County.

Mayer is also one-third of the electro-soul-hip-hop group Now On (where his nom de guerre is Haircut), and recently, he’s been caught kicking it with Snoop Dogg.

Next up, Mr. Hawthorne comes to Eugene and Portland opening for the indie-electro (and also falsetto singing) Passion Pit...

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