Friday, March 19, 2010

q/a : doubleplusgood concentrates on making music

Good + good = DoublePlusGood. And DoublePlusGood equals glitchy electropop that’s downright danceable.

DPG made their Dancipation Proclamation with their last EP, but the time has come for something fresh as Erik Carlson’s solo act has grown into two with the addition of drummer Andrew Nelson.

Twitching with poppy melodies and a maze of sequencing on the backing tracks, DoublePlusGood’s glistening synths run alongside the over-dubbed vocals and thick analog vibes.

With the simple love songs of The Postal Service plus retro-Erasure synths, DPG complicates with sampled vocals and a bevy of loops creating a cohesive, electronic dance party that kicks it up a frenzied gear with their new drums.

That addition is the biggest adjustment as the duo continues to work on...

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