Sunday, March 7, 2010

free, sunday gig: the pack a.d. + sex life at rontoms

Put two loud girls in a small space like Rontoms and let ‘er rip.

A female Black Keys pulsing with crude bluesy energy and endlessly crashing cymbals, drummer Maya Miller puts Meg White to shame while singer, guitarist Becky Black drawls and hauls with the best male garage rockers.

The blues stompin’, rhythm rockin’ Vancouver-duo The Pack A.D. comes to Portland on Sunday, March 7th rocking a free gig at Rontoms alongside dance-makers Sex Life and a disco DJ set from Maxx Bass at 9 PM.

There’s no reason to spar with words here, just one quick listen and you’ll understand. (Download their single “Crazy” here.)

Three guys, a girl, and percussionary dance vibes...

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