Sunday, May 2, 2010

pegasus dream finds home

Three and a half years since its inception, Pegasus Dream is close to finding a home. Close to finding their sound and close to finding the right place to unveil it.

Portland is that perfect home.

“It’s great to see everything coming together in the next few months,” says keyboard player and singer Andy Carlson, “especially in a place like Portland where there’s actually room for people to be excited for it.”

Growing from one to three in as many years, the changes have been gradual, contemplated, and absolutely necessary for the developing band. But finding the right environment for their growth has been tantamount.

Hailing from Spokane, WA, Pegasus Dream began as a solo, experimental electronic project for guitar player, producer and singer JT Lindsey. A year and a half ago when Lindsey started playing shows in Spokane, he added synth player Andy Carlson to the mix.

Mingling around the local music scene, the duo got to play with all the top indie rock and electro acts that rolled through town, like Starfucker and Helio Sequence, but beyond those opportunities, there were very few local bands they wanted to share the stage with.

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