Thursday, May 13, 2010

starfucker returns, in name + dress

Starfucker is back–in name and tradition. That other band name just didn’t sit right with them, and as the band worked through some kinks on Tuesday night at Mississippi Studios during their second of two sets, Josh Hodges (vox, keys, guitar, and drums here ‘n there) announced that the foursome will “hopefully” have a new album out in fall… under the name Starfucker, which drew congratulatory cheers.

Back to basics, the boys slinked on stage dolled up in lovely party dresses and wigs while their man Ryan Biornstad (vox, guitar, synths, turntables) took center stage, leading his ladies wearing a coat and tie. Awkwardly alternating between American Gothic stoic and cranium slamming spasms, Biornstad’s vocals remained submerged beneath pulsing space lasers and drummer Keil Corcoran’s hollow, reverberating thumps.

With some technical difficulties and cumbersome pacing, the sound from the floor was poor and the show did not flow. Songs ended too quickly and abruptly followed by long pauses, unlike other Starfucker gigs where songs meld together seamlessly smooth. But it didn’t really matter. After the slow opening drone, party people pushed to the front, tweaking out to the layered loops as the band shook frantically on stage causing you to ponder, “How do those wigs stay on?”

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