Sunday, May 9, 2010

the bill says starfucker at mississippi studios

Starfucker… ahem, Pyramiddd is having an identity crisis. Trying to shed old skin, the original Starfucker MySpace page was finally deleted (well, the URL changed) only to be replaced in Pyramiddd’s Top 8 Friend Space by this Starfucker MySpace.

And Pyramiddd is NOT on tour (but Starfucker is) nor do they have any music streaming on their MySpace… all of those pertinent details are found on the new Starfucker page.

And coming to Mississippi Studios on Tuesday, May 11th is Starfucker, who are currently on a West Coast tour–playing two homecoming shows, one early, all ages gig at 6:30 PM with Wampire and XDS and a second late show at 9:30 PM with Strength, XDS, and DJ Copy that is 21+.

Read the rest on OMN.

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