Friday, February 26, 2010

q/a : a page from spesus christ’s multifaceted hymnal

Spesus Christ has three recorded, digital tracks–a release simply tagged EP 1. And then there’s those same three tracks Respeezed or remixed by three friends.

The Portland/Oakland trio of creators and producers may be new to the game but they’ve got a lot of material “gushing out,” so much that they don’t have enough time to record all of it, says producer/mixer Cameron Spies. And what they do have is being released on tape, a tangible, “personal” medium they prefer to CD or digital formats, and available only at live shows or by email request.

With a yearning for religious themes and voluminous moans in vacuous spaces, Spesus Christ shows compulsions for keys–synthesizers, organs, wurlitzers, and Rhodes pianos–and layered samples, guitars, basses, machines, and drums.

Haunting toy pianos connect with reverberating drum hits and diaphragm-shifting bass lines to produce a sluggish, dark genre mix. Vocals float from tinny pitches to grumbling grit in rambling, stream of consciousness raps, while the opening minute...

Read the rest and hear the sounds on OMN.

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