Friday, February 26, 2010

dirty, dirty south rolls the roseland with goodie mob

They just don’t make rappers like they used to. Reunited and rearing, the original members of Goodie Mob treated Portland to a night of classic Dirty South jams, rock’n'roll samples, and raw spitting–a night without auto-tune, without theatrics, without nonsense–just four MCs and one DJ.

Taking it back to 1995, when Goodie Mob coined the now-ubiquitous term “Dirty South” with a cut off their debut album Soul Food, each member fit back together like the spices in the Colonel’s special recipe from tangy to syrupy, biting to comical.

Entering to rolling calls of “Goodie, Goodie, Goodie, Goodie,” Big Gipp was all smiles, Khujo Goodie let his red-tipped braids dangle and fly, and T-Mo got absolutely wild, violently rocking the mic with pent-up energy and passion, while the hootie hoos for Cee-Lo...

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