Friday, February 5, 2010

electropolis at someday: q/a with futuristic bands from the past

Electropolis is a city in the distant future where blips rule the day and bleeps conquer the night. A place where the humans are divided–there are the dance masters and master dancers. The dance masters create electro-rhythms and force the master dancers to disco-funk and hustle to their penetrating beats.

But harmony does not reign in Electropolis. The savage, thumping packs of dance masters each battle for supreme control over the master dancers, and groups of these inhabitants have arrived in Portland.

The crusade for supreme control of Electropolis takes place at Someday Lounge on Saturday, February 6th between Arohan, Serious Business, Sex Life, Soft Metals, Starlight & Magic, Very International Love, and The Pragmatic.

Read the rest on OMN.

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