Friday, February 19, 2010

q/a: electropop duo van go lion preps for live debut

Fresh on the productive PDX scene, Van Go Lion bounce pure, candied electropop ready-made for immediate dance parties “in your room, in your underwear, in front of the mirror, and on top of the bed.”

With synths that swoon and shiver, Van Go Lion is dancey and frolicking–always looking to the sunny side for some inspiration whether you’re aging (aka 25) and having a mid-mid-life crisis or ready for reckless merrymaking.

On the six tracks recorded for their self-titled demo, singer Amy Paige’s voice is commanding and versatile handling trip-hop ballads and feisty hooks as Josh Loerzel (and Mac) provide the layers, loops, synths, and thwacking beats.

Read the rest and hear it pop on OMN.

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