Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pdx’s best damn dance makers at electropolis featuring vil, serious business, starlight + magic + more

Last weekend’s Electropolis was an electronic orgy of Portland’s hottest, up-and-coming dance acts on the brink of prosperity and international fame in one futuristic venue. Never before has so much exciting, rising talent been compiled and the masses conceded, flipping out on the dance floor.

Featuring Arohan, Serious Business, Sex Life, Soft Metals, Starlight & Magic, Very International Love, and The Pragmatic, the night at Someday Lounge was home to spandex space costumes, rumbling synths, furious dancing, and heart-attacking inducing BPMs.

With beats so incessant and necessary like cardiac palpitations, closers Very International Love left the audience stunned. With autoclaps and electro-glory instrumentals, the dense, ravaging riffs of Connor Dudley and synth-y machinescapes built to electronic climax leaving singer Joe Turner gasping on the floor. Blowing out some funky bass lines...

Read the rest and hear the bands on OMN.

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