Friday, January 29, 2010

q/a with dj krush : an innovator + influence in japan and the world

Listen to him on record and you’ll be mesmerized, put under a bewitching, jazzy spell. See him live in the club and you’ll understand why this man is an internationally renowned DJ.

DJ Krush is one of the founders of Japanese hip-hop. But that’s not what makes him important. Krush is a true artist, a turntablist, who pulses with creative energy and pushes for constant innovation. Not to mention he’s highly respected by fans, artists, DJs, and musicians around the world.

The man has got a mind–he doesn’t strive for any particular purpose other than self-satisfaction. And he sets the bar for himself… immeasurably high.

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Arian Stevens said...

Images from the Show. which was epic.