Friday, January 22, 2010

q/a : dragging an ox through water before the infinite front launch party at the artistery on saturday

Brian Mumford, or Dragging an Ox through Water, builds electronics and makes them do his musical bidding. Often the music created is eclectically experimental, yet simply folky. At times it’s symphonic, and sometimes it’s just dirty, fuzzy, distorted.

Dragging an Ox is a creator of layered narratives, lately leaning towards “topical songwriting,” a traditional element of folk music. He magnificently blends his style of free associative story-telling and crooning with his subtle, distinct electronica, which can whine and screech splitting ears but also soothe and calm melodiously.

Dragging an Ox combines elements that don’t belong together yet fit like a puzzle… of a Jackson Pollock canvas. Everything has its own place and it somehow fits so naturally, or unnaturally, but feels just right.

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