Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ice cube : another og on cable tv

As the wide world of West Coast gangsta rap diminishes–Nate Dogg passed away on March 15th, Snoop Dogg subsequently released an underwhelming eleventh studio album, and Dr. Dre is taking forever to release his third and “final” album–with each passing decade, one is left to ponder, where’s Ice Cube?

…in the rap game at least.

Still a family name (and we mean family more than ever before), the “Fuck Tha Police” thug has gone the way of Ice-T: acting on television. Whether you’re from predominantly white Portland suburbs (or Portland in general) or South Central, we all grow out of our gangsta rap phase–plus some money (and a few years) goes more than a little way to change those youthful predispositions. No exception to the rule, Ice Cube has focused most of the last decade on a successful acting career that has put his softer, comedic side on the big screen–now with several Friday sequels under his belt and humorous roles in two BarberShop films and a Showtime series plus many feature film writer, director and producer credits to his name.

Now an executive director and cast member of the TBS family sitcom Are We There Yet?, a show loosely based on the 2005 feature film of the same name (which was set in Portland but mainly filmed in Vancouver, BC and other NW locations), Cube appears to be spending more and more time away from music. In August 2010, Are We There Yet?, which also stars retired NFL d-end and linebacker Terry Crews, was renewed for an additional 90 episodes, some five or six more seasons.

Since the world may never again experience a live arsenal of West Coast rap like the 2000 Up In Smoke Tour, Ice Cube is currently on his own 29-day trek across the States and Canada, which was interrupted last month “due to a filming commitment,” causing Ice Cube to reschedule his original Oregon gigs at the end of March–just another sign that film comes first these days. But lucky us, the tour is back on and Ice Cube now hits Bend’s Midtown Music Hall on Wednesday, April 6th and Portland on Friday, April 8th at the Roseland as part of the Soul’d Out Music Festival.

On the music end, The Voice of Cube blog has been silent since September 28th, 2010–the release date of his ninth and most recent album, I Am The West–but Cube has definitely not forgotten his Jheri curled days of Straight Outta Compton and Boyz n the Hood. On record, Ice Cube still carries himself as a savage gangsta with his distinct, gruff delivery and harsh, commanding lyrics. Stepping on stage, there’s still a glimmer of feisty protest left the 41-year-old, Don Mega gangsta who promises to perform “all of the classics and all of the new hits.”

With this in mind, know that Ice Cube still keeps it gangsta–in persona at least.

Keeping it gangsta while sporting some vintage Mariners’ gear, probably just because he liked the 1994 teal, in an OG rap music video that spares no expense when it comes to video production:

Watch more classiKKK Cube on OMN.

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