Wednesday, February 1, 2012

how to use your supportland card

"Local business make our region great. And loving local businesses just got sweeter." —Supportland

Neighborhood Notes recently sent out more than 75 Supportland rewards cards loaded with points as a thank you to those that filled out our reader survey. And in response, we got a few questions, like “How do you use this thing?”

Supportland co-founder Katrina Scotto di Carlo isn’t caught off guard: “Supportland is an experimental concept that has truly never been done, so it's not surprising that there's some head scratching,” she admits.

What is Supportland?

Supportland supports local. Or as Scotto di Carlo puts it: "Supportland rewards folks for doing right by their community."

A rewards system for locally owned businesses and the neighbors who love them, Supportland helps its 101 participating businesses reward more than 30,000 cardholders with points. It's the equivalent of a supermarket club card or frequent flyer miles, but you're rewarded for patronizing indie businesses. You earn points for shopping at locally owned businesses and accumulated points can be spent on various rewards from any participating business.

If you earn 50 points for making a purchase at a local boutique, you can turn around and spend 30 on a cup of coffee. Or put those points toward an oil change. Or fresh ink from the tattoo parlor.

Plus, the Supportland card also functions like those classic paper punch cards, except you don’t have to stuff your wallet with a bunch of individual paper cards. Your Your Supportland card is like having dozens of punch cards in your wallet on a single card that automatically tracks all of your purchases. You can still get your punches without those hole-ridden, beat up pieces of paper.

Learn more about how to use your Supportland card at Neighborhood Notes.

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