Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a starfucking scary halloween at wonder ballroom

Get dolled up for Starfucker's spunky
Halloween costume party.

Some things haunt you for the rest of your life. Haunts of "SELL-OUT" shouted at shows, or despondent, isolated devotees wandering the moonless night in shock, never to find peace again. Haunts like changing the name of your band from Starfucker to Celine Dion's Shaggy Penis.

Or some things aren't scary at all. They just make sense. So congratulations to the hometown boys who are able eke a living out of an artistic passion.

Whatever you wanna call them, Starfucker/PYRAMIDDD plays a spooky Halloween show at the Wonder Ballroom. We all know the boys love to don drag and stage dive so try to outdo their kinky costumes as the band will be personally judging a costume contest.

Enter the gymnasium on Saturday, October 31st like you're attending some haunted prom where alcohol is no longer taboo (eerie, huh?).

On a stage crammed with gadgets, Starfucker presents a low-fi, digital indulgence plump with candied beats, sweet and sour drum machines, and chocolate turntables. Somehow their smorgasbord of audio, from echoing voices to bleeps and zaps, sped up, slowed down, is so precisely pieced together that you wanna get topsy-turvy.

And as ever, this year's treat is sprinkled with the delectable double-drummer technique known to kick ass at Starfucker shows.

So whether you're restless or confused or pissed they "sold-out," get off your high horse. The music is still the same even if this is their last show under the Starfucker moniker. As Josh Hodges, SF general and commander, believes: making music should be fun so if you can make money doing it... fuck it.

Drinks, decadence and dance music prevail. Get all three treats this Halloween.

Trick or treats : Get your mitts on Starfucker's "German Love" and download opener Deelay Ceelay's album Thank You here.

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Starfucker / PYRAMIDDD
Deelay Ceelay
Nice Nice
Wonder Ballroom : 128 NE Russell St, Portland, Oregon 97212
Doors at 8 PM, show at 9 PM
Cost : $14 advance and day of show
All ages

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