Thursday, October 15, 2009

pretty lights passing thru the crystal oct 18

Half man, half machine. Organic and electro DJ coexisting. Beautifully.

Like so many opposites, these not only attract but blend seamlessly into a mind-blowing oblivion of flowing rhythms and soulful noise that will make you tingle and smile.

Derek Vincent Smith is Pretty Lights out of Colorado but he combines forces on Sunday, October 18th with drummer Cory Eberhard at the Crystal Ballroom.

The two communicate through a kind of clairvoyant sign language where drummer and electrician navigate from breakbeats to jazzy snares constantly manipulating the music while feeding off the crowd's aura.

Sampler extraordinaire, Pretty Lights is no petty pickpocket. This artist presents deftly crafted tracks ranging from laid-back ambiance to banging club jams, fusing "obscure old vinyl, analog synthesizers, and vintage dub gear," as Smith states on his MySpace.

His latest Passing By Behind Your Eyes, released on October 6th, is album #3 and available for free (along with his others) on his website. This one's replete with the PL trademark vivacious soundscapes, blended so sweetly that you'll soar, and meshed with hip-hop undertones, all sealed by vocals from Biggie on "Sunday School."

With a name inspired by a 1966 Pink Floyd concert poster, Smith is stepping up the multimedia show orchestrating a full sensory experience as you feel the bass bang in your bones, bounce your head and look around yourself. All the fine, moist people will be drenched in neon oranges and reds and blues, just vibing to the ubiquitous beat.

Just bathing in the oh so pretty lights.

Sunday, October 18, 2009
Pretty Lights
DJ Rootz
Crystal Ballroom : 1332 W Burnside Portland, Oregon 97209
Doors at 8 PM, show at 9 PM
Cost : $15 advance, $20 day of show
All ages

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