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free, live music bonanza : nov 2-8 : the cribs, mission 5, very international love, olina, tori sparks

Issue No. 9 : November 2 – 8, 2009

Mmmmhmmm. This week is delightful.

02 Monday
Twangy jazz with The Kung Pao Chickens at LaurelThirst Public House, 7 PM. 21 and over.

Flowing indie/americana with Olina at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon, 8:30 PM. 21 and over.

03 Tuesday
P-p-p-powerpop with End Transmission at Music Millennium, 6 PM. All ages.

Folk and americana at LaurelThirst Public House with Kelly Blair Bauman, Al James, and Mike Coykendall, 9 PM. 21 and over.

04 Wednesday
Low-fi, electro-experimentation with Mattress and surf rock from Orca Team at Berbati's Pan, 10:00 PM. 21 and over.

Catchy acoustic rock with Josh Nielsen at Twilight Cafe, 9 PM. 21 and over.

And in Bend, didgeridoo, harmonica and drums. Ruins of Ooah jams experimental roots rock at McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 7 PM. All ages.

05 Thursday
Knockout, story-telling blues from Tori Sparks at Music Millennium, 6 PM. All ages.

Funky, jazzy Seven Year Tango rock at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon, 8:30 PM. 21 and over.

06 Friday
Scat, blues, roots, americana and The Reverb Brothers at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon, 5:30 PM. All ages.

Relax to James Low at LaurelThirst Public House, 6 PM. 21 and over.

Acoustic roots with Kate Mann at McMenamins Edgefield, 7 PM. 21 and over.

07 Saturday
Mission 5 came home to rock Dante's at 9PM. 21 and over.

Banging Solid Gold electro night at Berbati's with Nathan Detroit, Very International Love, and Freaky Outy, 10 PM. 21 and over.

PDX Jazz At The ArtBar presents Blue Cranes at the Antoinette Hatfield Hall Rotunda Lobby, 8 PM. All ages.

08 Sunday
The Cribs with Johnny Marr in tow play an instore performance at Jackpot Records as well as release the limited edition disc of their new album Ignore the Ignorant: The Roses Edition, 2 PM. All ages.

Jazzy piano tunes from Rachel Efron in the lounge at the Hawthorne Theatre, 9 PM. 21 and over.


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Dance, dance, dance.

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