Thursday, September 26, 2013

get out! : gold panda

My contribution to this week's edition of Get Out!

The last time Ghostly International's Gold Panda was scheduled to play Portland, he got snowed in. Since then, the English producer has released his second full-length record, Half of Where You Live, a record that was made while he bounced around the world supporting his first. Derwin Panda describes it as a "city record" because as he moved "from location to location… I felt like I was stealing a piece of each place I went to." From his native London to Brazil and a new home in Berlin, Derwin may say the album's distillation process focused on as few elements as possible, but the layered output is just as rich and textured as ever. Headed to a set at Seattle's acclaimed Decibel Festival following Portland, the trio of acts—including the glo-fi warmth of Slow Magic and Jersey's (USA, that is) urban electronic duo Voices of Black—will take on Eugene's WOW Hall on Wednesday night as well (9pm, $12 advance, $14 door, all ages). VOB will be absent in PDX but fellow Briton Luke Abbott will take their place.

Thursday, September 26, Branx, 9pm, $15 advance, all ages

Get a preview of the live setup you can expect from Gold Panda in his video for "Community"—a track that was inspired by London's house scene and reflects on the cultural divides in the city where he was raised:

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