Saturday, December 5, 2009

very international love

Very International Love sounds and tastes like any of your fare from Down Under but they indubitably smell a shade sweeter and live a healthier lifestyle.

Waking up next to crumpled Hungry Jack's wrappers wears on the even the most impenetrable electro-soul and that's precisely why Very International Love has the upper hand. Steadily climbing one rung at a time, they will eclipse the Empire of the Suns, the Cut Copys, The Presets… namely because they don't have the HJ's-temptation to draw them away from their maniac, booty shaking, electro-boogie.

Brilliant, energetic sets at Someday and in basements leave groupies salivating for more beyond the meager few cuts found on their self-titled debut.

Forget everything you thought you knew about dance music, techno, trance, live electronics. Portland is making the best new electro-pop and throwing the wildest dance parties this side of Amsterdam. And Very International Love is at the forefront.

So get your mind outta Melbourne and into the synthrock of VIL.

Read this article on The Deli Portland, and vote for Very International Love in the Band of the Month poll.

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