Sunday, December 13, 2009

free, live music bonanza : dec 14-20 : boy meets club, blue horns, fix djs w/ maseo, incredible yacht control, nucular aminals, priory

Issue No. 15 : December 14 – 20, 2009

Start counting down the 12 days of Christmas now.

14 Monday
Blue Horns are poppy and catchy like at Berbati's Pan, 10 PM. 21 and over.

Psychobilly with Season of Nightmares, The Arkhams, and Reap The Weak at Ponderosa Lounge, 8 PM. 21 and over.

15 Tuesday
Northwest Fresh hip hop fusion with Marv Ellis and his live band The Platform along with guest rappers, DJs, and more at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon, 9 PM. 21 and over.

Poppy, bluesy rock with Tree Frogs at LaurelThirst Public House at 9 PM. 21 and over.

16 Wednesday
Indie, shoegaze with Incredible Yacht Control and Beck-esque sounds from Travis Wiggins at Berbati's Pan, 10 PM. 21 and over.

Indie and/or electro shizz at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon with A Cautionary Tale, Priory, and Sea Caves, 9 PM. 21 and over.

Reggae Night at Mt. Tabor Theater, 8 PM. 21 and over.

17 Thursday
Someday Lounge presents The Fix with special guest Maseo of De La Soul and DJs Ohmega Watts, Lifesavas' Rev. Shines, DJ Kez, and DJ Dundiggy, 9 PM. 21 and over.

Dance baby, dance at Branx with Vibe Cop, The Baron, and DJ Linoleum, 10 PM. 21 and over.

Power indie with The Oregon Donor, Ugly Colors, and And I Was Like What at Ponderosa Lounge, 9 PM. 21 and over.

18 Friday
Drum machines and dance beats with Boy Meets Club, Cory O, CMNHTN, and DJ Avery at Branx, 10 PM. 21 and over.

Just rock Bottles and Cans and Badrock City Council in the lounge at the Hawthorne Theatre, 9 PM. 21 and over.

Pop stuff with Nucular Aminals, Total Noise, and Karen at Kelly's Olympian, 10 PM. 21 and over.

19 Saturday
Little Sue croons over her acoustic guitar at LaurelThirst Public House, 6 PM. 21 and over.

Ben Macy gets West Coast jazzy at Camellia Lounge @ TeaZone, 9 PM. All ages.

20 Sunday
Celtic folk with Nancy Conescu and Brongaene Griffin at McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern, 6 PM. 21 and over.

Freak Mountain Ramblers jam at the LaurelThirst Public House at 6 PM. Followed by folk from Billy Kennedy with Tim Acott at 9:30 PM. 21 and over.

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