Wednesday, December 12, 2007

soda, milk and cigarettes

Part of a complete breakfast. These were the top 3 items in terms of retail sales in 2007: soft drinks ($17.6 billion), milk, cigarettes ($7.8 billion), according to Nielsen's latest numbers.

And let's not forget the top 10 packaged goods (in order): fresh bread, milk, toilet paper, eggs, cookies, ready-to-eat cereal, canned soup, chocolate candy, potato chips, and batteries.

Good thing that cookies, cereal, chocolate, and potato chips beat out fresh fruit, vegetables, and any other thing remotely healthy. Maybe this is why America is so fat.

Among other things I'm not proud of, see more of the list here... but don't get too excited for this year's most popular ringtone.


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Ashly Stewart said...

See!! I knew you would get comments! You are so popular.