Friday, October 4, 2013

outdoor project : crater lake + umpqua national forest

The pure, pristine waters of Crater Lake 
This past summer I started contributing to the Outdoor Project, an online resource that's actively building the best outdoor adventure library on the web. Starting in the Pacific Northwest, the amount of high-quality content on the site is continually growing, and I chipped in just a little bit with some photos and descriptions from an iconic Oregon location that I visited during my summer travels.

Inside the caldera: A view from the summit of Wizard Island
I documented several adventures in the Southern Oregon Cascades including a handful activities at Crater Lake (like the Cleetwood Cove Trail that heads down to the water's edge as well as a trip around the caldera on the Crater Lake Boat Tour with a stop to trek to the top of Wizard Island, plus the roadside jaunt Sun Notch) and the surrounding Umpqua National Forest (with nearby trips to Toketee Falls and Campground and the North Umpqua Hot Springs).

The 113-foot Toketee Falls on the North Umpqua River
Visit the Outdoor Project to inspire your next outdoor adventure.

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