Wednesday, April 10, 2013

spiritualized lives up to its name

Spiritualized at the Wonder Ballroom. Photo by Autumn Andel.
Indulgence. Spiritualized has deftly mastered this craft.

And, they can show it off too—which they did on Tuesday night at Portland's Wonder Ballroom during an almost two and half hour set.

With a plethora of six-, seven- and eight-minute-long (or more) tracks, it's not that hard to fill all that time. Led by a seated, sunglassed J. Spaceman, the crew of experimental, symphonic rockers know where the beauty lies in their craft: their self-indulgence allows for the audience to indulge right alongside them.

Enablers. Spiritualized granted the 21-and-over crowd a few hours to blissfully rock out uninterrupted—enabled this experience through tempered moments of elegant, gentle grace (like the sleepy, bluesy tinge that opens "Shine A Light") that unhurriedly escalated to points of intense electricity, which finally burst into a violent mash of cacophony (like on the 2012 single "Hey Jane," an early moment of potency in the set) before calmly settling down and tucking you in at the close of each song.

Epic. How could any of the aforementioned not be?

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