Sunday, January 19, 2014

outdoor project : golden gate bridge + alcatraz island

Some 600,000 steel rivets hold each 746-foot tower together.
I may have gone down to San Francisco for this, but I spent some time being a tourist and took the opportunity to do document a few things for the Outdoor Project, which has expanded its regional coverage south to California.

I walked the Golden Gate Bridge twice and experienced both of its climatic sides as well as its Art Deco intricacies.

Approaching one of the two towers that suspend the 15,300 feet of main cable (left), but on another day, the same tower disappears into the fog—as often happens (right).

On my final day in the city, I also spent a crisp, gloomy morning fogged in on Alcatraz. I'd been once as a kid, and the one thing I distinctly remember from that first trip was the cellhouse audio tour. Narrated by Alcatraz correctional officers and inmates, the 45-minute tour really transports you back in time. Although the crowds and cost can be a deterrent, I definitely thought Alcatraz was worth revisiting.

Peering down a darkened Broadway, which runs between cell blocks B and C, towards the West Gun Gallery, Times Square and the dining hall.

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