Tuesday, March 4, 2008

gimme, gimme more

USA Today says: "Prescription-drug ads prompt nearly one-third of Americans to ask their doctors about an advertised medicine, and 82% of those who ask say their physicians recommended a prescription."

Now, these numbers are a little skewed (see graphic) but please stop going to your doctor and demanding the prescription you need because you saw it advertised.

Please stop self-diagnosing yourself based on a 30-second advertisement with writing in the bottom of the screen so small that the pixels blur.

There's a reason why those doctors went to all those years of school and why you pay them so damn much. They're the experts and will prescribe or not prescribe the drug you need or don't need.

I wouldn't say this often but there should be more restrictions on this type of advertising and a more adequate approval process in place. Drug companies can basically pump out their (sometimes deceiving) ads and air them before they've even been reviewed by the FDA. Thus, ignorant Americans want these drugs like they're the next Talking Elmo, PlayStation 3 or Beenie Baby.

Let your doctor make the decisions for you because as Dr. Jim King says, '"It's amazing how many don't have the problem" or need the drug they saw advertised.'

Do people in America really have half the problems that they think they have? Am I turning into Tom Cruise? Hey guys, mental retardation is a hoax!

No... I just wish people weren't so f'ing gullible and stupid. And I'm not just talking about the world of advertising anymore. Basta.


Ashly Stewart said...

It is more about the social responsibility of advertising... advertisers themselves. Where do you want to work? I will never make those ads. Nope. Maybe I will make ads that will make fun of them, maybe.

Unknown said...

prescription drug companies are out of control - and this is what i have to deal with down the road....patients asking me for the magic pink pill....