Tuesday, February 19, 2008

kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut

You can find these signs for McDonalds all over Europe.

Sometimes they tell you, "Keep your course going straight ahead, you're on the right track." Other times they'll let you know, "Head left, right or straight and you'll run into us," which means there are 3 separate McDonalds locations within a few hundred meters of each other.

Or many times they'll say, "Oh on, turn around immediately! You just missed us 200 meters back."

But this one for the McDrive has the nerve to tell you, "Oops, turn around you just missed us 2,000 meters back." Hmmm... let's just go 2 km, or over a mile, back the other way. How bad do you want that Big Mac?

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Ashly Stewart said...

I had taco bell tonight... it made me feel better. I probably drove a mile for it.