Thursday, February 28, 2008

who's campaigning for who?

Here's a very interesting Ad Age article about the unconventional advertising in the presidential primaries and how it has led to Barack Obama's dominance over Hilary Clinton in the online world. Yet he's not asking for any of it.

Whatever the result is... this stuff is way more powerful than slandering opponents, ads about tax cuts, or ads featuring "Hail to the Chief."

What will the effects of individually created advertising in the form of online viral videos, websites and posters be? Right now they seem like a very positive force behind Obama, creating buzz, generating user interaction, and establishing the "Obama" brand.

But do they also have the potential to harm? What if one of these artists is associated with something that would reflect negatively on the potential presidential candidate? There's a risk in everything. Always the possibility of alienating somebody. Even if Obama's not asking for these ads, he's getting them. Allowing others to act as a mouthpiece for you or to create publicity in your name could be dangerous.

Then again, so is choosing Kobe Bryant or Michael Vick as your spokesperson.

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Ashly Stewart said...

How refreshing that today's media allows Americans to speak up, to share their voice and promote so much interaction?! I think it is absolutely beautiful. I think that this is exactly what campaigns need, this is passion that changes things, not empty demands for it. I think this is the spirit that America needs, and if something this powerful could be made for any other candidate, well then people are welcome to do it and should. This kind of advertising and media is the of the now, not the future- HOPE... yes we can.