Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Dear Crest,

As an innovator in toothpaste technology and futuristic toothpaste formula, why mess with something when you already got it right? Why change the packaging design? Why change the formula?

On to the Crest Pro-Health formula:
#1 Why change the tried and true packaging that has served consumers for years to this new-fangled design? I like my toothpaste on my brush, not on the inside of the cap. This new design is just a mess, and there's toothpaste everywhere.

#2 The Crest Pro-Health formula is too thick. I can hardly squeeze it out of the tube. And it's difficult as hell to push that extra little bit up from the bottom of the tube. It's got a funny texture too... kinda grainy, like sand in my mouth. But I guess it does leave my mouth feeling clean, if not a bit odd or different than normal.

I understand that you're trying to be innovative, find a new niche in the toothpaste market, differentiate your brand from every other toothpaste brand that tries to accomplish the same exact thing as you. You want to be the dentists' number one recommended brand. We all do.

But for Crest, or anyone else for that matter, it's about building brand loyalty. That's what separates a Crest buyer from a Colgate or even store-brand buyer. I like Crest, I've used it forever. Why? I couldn't tell ya. I guess it's what my parents bought or it's the brand they sold at the dentist's office. Am I strictly loyal to Crest? Nope. While living abroad, I tried some other brands that were cheaper or more readily available. Do I like Crest? Yep. But stick to the original formula... this new one is just not for me.

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