Monday, November 26, 2007

backwards-ass blogging?

Bloggers write about new products that they're interested in or passionate about... take all the Apple evangelists and their respective blogs for example.

Companies also want to promote their new products and stir up conversation, opinion and debate among influential bloggers to spread the word about their latest and greatest.

But here's a blurb from The Wall Street Journal:
Marketing site uses pay-per-click model to reward bloggers
"French Web site BlogBang, whose major investor is Publicis, is a new channel for marketers that rewards bloggers who write about particular ads with a commission based on the number of times users click on the ads."

This sounds like pretty touchy ground here... experimenting with the whole nature and existence of blogs being individual, user-generated content, opinions and reviews. To what extent will the advertising go? And will it ruin the whole blogging atmosphere by making it just another paid advertisement online?

Read the whole article here.

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