Wednesday, March 12, 2014

vortex beta™ is now live!

And has been for approximately two weeks now. is the digital companion to our print publication, which will hit the streets of Portland this May!

We are currently continuing to tighten up and refine the site while adding daily content and rolling out new features in preparation for a Kickstarter campaign we will launch on March 24—more on that later.

Much thanks goes to our very own Rickenbacker-slingin' web developer Arthur Parker for nailing Natalie McGuire's stellar design as well as all of the complex functionality that I asked of him. This site was built from the ground up to meet the daily challenges of a constantly changing world of print, digital media and journalism.

Arthur Parker performing with The Nowhere Band on the final night of the White Album Christmas at the Alberta Rose Theatre this past December. Photo by Autumn Andel.
Vortex Music Magazine is not a legacy media institution, and the ideas, organizational structure and strategies we've employed were constructed for the modern digital world rather than retrofitted to meet a changing media environment. We are hopeful that we can build a sustainable business that revitalizes local music journalism and supports content creators, and we aspire to revolutionize the way content is created.

Thank you to the amazing staff, contributors and photographers we've amassed so far and for all the helping hands that have lent support as we get this project off the ground.

We're extremely excited about what's next for Vortex Music Magazine, and until we reveal what this is, enjoy this little clip that Eric Skelton put together using our small library of media assets.

Don't forget to check out the website,, and please follow us on our various social media accounts to stay in the loop and subscribe to our newsletter for further updates.

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