Saturday, September 5, 2009

sept 7-13 : free, live music bonanza : yacht, u.s.e, ohmega watts, may ling, little sue, alyse black

Issue No. 1 :
Let's launch my inaugural weekly installment with gusto. Nothing but free shows around PDX.

Picks for the week of September 7–13, 2009.

07 Monday : Labor Day
Community Day & Songwriter's Circle at Music Millennium features Breanna Paletta, Ryan VanDordrecht, and Jack McMahon. All ages.

Soulful, acoustic singer-songwriters play Mississippi Pizza at 9 PM: Alyse Black, Aly Tadros, and Jonathan Brinkley. 21 and over.

08 Tuesday

Portland Rumble

The Portland Rumble is at Holocene and features digital beats from Hello Electric and United State of Electronica with Dr. Helicopter. Show starts at 8 PM. 21 and over.

Open Bluegrass Jam at McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern at 7 PM. All ages.

09 Wednesday
The LaurelThirst Public House presents rock from Celilo at 6 PM and Piano Throwers at 9 PM. 21 and over.

AAN strums at Berbati's Pan restaurant at 10 PM. 21 and over.

10 Thursday
Yes, we all know PDX loves PBR. But now we know PBR loves PDX. Pabst is showing its reciprocal desire with an All-Star Tribute to 1977 at the Doug Fir. A whole gaggle of bands will be in attendance playing rockin' folksy, americana-esque fare. Show's at 9 PM but the beverages start flowing at 8 PM. Sorry kiddos, 21 and over. Available on tap:
Jim Brunberg
Blue Skies for Black Hearts
The Leaders
Sean Croghan
Rachel Taylor Brown
Dave Camp
The Neat
Ezra Holbrook
The Threads
PDX Punk Rock Collective
Adrian H. & The Wounds

Dance to the darkness at the Fez Ballroom's Shadowplay while DJ Ghoulunatic, DJ Horrid, and DJ Paradox spin starting at 9 PM. 21 and over.

11 Friday
Boogie Bone live at Music Millennium at 6 PM. All ages.

A Tribute to Elliott Smith at McMenamins Edgefield at 7 PM. 21 and over.

East End brings Friday punk with Meercaz, Buzzer, and Impediments at 9 PM. 21 and over.

12 Saturday

Old Town Block Party outside Someday Lounge with music from 3 to 10 PM. All ages.
M64 (featuring Ohmega Watts and Ragen Fykes)
May Ling
The Fix DJs (Ohmega Watts, DJ Kez, Rev. Shines, and Dundiggy)
Tony Ozier

Lynn Conover and Little Sue swoon acoustic, folk stylings to the LaurelThirst Public House at 6 PM. 21 and over.

Bluegrass all over town with McMenamins.
The Student Loan @ McMenamins White Eagle Saloon, 4:30 PM. All ages.
Whiskey Puppy @ McMenamins Grand Lodge, 7 PM. All ages.
And blues with Renegade Minstrels @ McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern, 9 PM. 21 and over.

Rotture celebrates 3 years in action with electro-dance beats at 9 PM. 21 and over.
Fist Fite
Hot Victory
Diamond Liars
DJ Linoleum

13 Sunday
Freak Mountain Ramblers jam at the LaurelThirst Public House at 6 PM. Followed by folk from Billy Kennedy with Tim Acott at 9:30 PM. 21 and over.

McMenamins Rock Creek Tavern brings you Irish Music Sunday with Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire at 7 PM. All ages.

Rotture continues its birthday dance-a-thon at 7 PM with Rabbits, Blood, and Selector Mancampus. 21 and over.

Every week I will continue with a listing of free, live music around Portland. If you've got an event to add, shoot me a message or list it in the comments below.

Viva Portlandia.

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