Monday, April 14, 2008

finance it!

Today I would like to start my educational series that I will call "Successful Advertising."

This is about presenting your business, your product, and yourself with style and flair. This is all about making a good first impression. And this is about how a magical thing called advertising can turn even the snottiest, whiniest little ginger into a studly, cunning babe-magnet with a sweet cell phone.

Let's learn how to become successful not only in business but also in life.

Here we have an old favorite of mine. Massey Auto Wholesale. A man who is always pushing the envelope. Here's a typical spot.

Here we use an oldie but goodie technique that has stood the test of time and is sure to work for Massey too.

The ideas are endless with hilarious tomfoolery and clever stunts. And they've even had the insight to include clever puns featuring real or invented pop-culture figures from Larry the Cable Guy to the Credit Jedi, which resonate with all of us.

And catch up on the rest here while I leave you with this gem...

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